Pest Control - Make your Place Pest free

TRF Offers Pest control service with affordable prices. Pests found each and everywhere and they are capable of damaging the entire household things. It is an important thing to make sure that our living environment is a disease free and hygienic one.

Residential pest control

In our residential pest control service we offer you a personalized pest control management solution that depends upon your requirement and helps in making healthy home. We Inspect your whole living environment to prevent the entry of pest. Our staff will reach your location and offer best suited solution for all kind of problems.

Commercial pest control

We successfully work with number of industries and corporate, managing all their pest issues, we also undergo an annual maintenance of pest control for corporate. All our trained staff will help you in implementing the pest control service in your working area and providing you a peaceful environment work.

Way of our pest control service

 Usage of latest technologies in a natural way without harming the environment
 Instant response during the normal business hours
 We have trained workers who adapted themselves to the environment and make place a neat one
 Offering a quality service by spending more time on our work